London Public Service Chess League

About the League


The London Public Service Chess League is the continuation of the London Civil Service, Post Office and Municipal Chess League (generally known as the Civil Service Chess League). The CSCL has been in operation for over 100 years and has a long and interesting history. However, it has become increasingly difficult to run and has been steadily losing members. Over the past few months it has undergone a process of fundamental reform.


The London Public Service Chess League is an attempt to restart the CSCL on a simpler and more modern basis, retaining the same member clubs but opening up to a wider range of public service organisations. For its structure, governance arrangements, conditions of play etc, see the Operating Model.


The League will in future be run by a Committee comprising representatives of all its member clubs.


The current CSCL website is still available online as a separate website but will not be updated. Eventually its content will be migrated to this site.