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19 September 2014

23 players from Public Service League clubs took part in the League's Open and U150 individual blitz championships, which were hosted by GLCC on Tuesday 16 September, as part of a blitz event open to all players.

Open - 1st Martin Walker (Revenue & Customs) 9/10 - winner of the Peter Bond Trophy; 2nd Arne Eilers (Metropolitan Police) 8½/10. Tournament tables

U-150 - 1st Peter Biggs (Pimlico/GLCC) 9/10 - winner of the Roland Smith Trophy; 2nd Dmitry Vasiliev (GLCC) 8/10. Tournament tables


3 September 2014

Those involved with the Public Service League will know that it is operating from this year as a result of the fundamental restructuring of the Civil Service League. A number of transitional issues need to be resolved. These will be discussed at an EGM of the Civil Service League on Monday 3 November from 6.30pm in central London (venue to be determined).


1 September 2014

GLCC are hosting the Individual Blitz Tournament at their venue in Bloomsbury on Tuesday 16 September 2014 from 6.45pm. The sections are Open and U150. Entry fee £3 for Public Service League players. Organised by Nigel Blades. Details on the attached flyer.


20 August 2014

As the new season approaches, there are six teams in Division 1, seven teams in Division 2, and five teams in Division 3. Ideally there would be six teams in each division. In order to bring this about, promotion and relegation at the end of the season will operate as follows:

•  The bottom team in Division 1 will be relegated, and the top team in Division 2 will be promoted.

•  The two bottom teams in Division 2 will be relegated, and the top team in Division 3 will be promoted.


This is subject to entries and withdrawals from the League next season. The total number of teams playing in the League may change. But in principle we would still expect promotion and relegation to take place.


9 August 2014

UNATS 3 have withdrawn from Division 3 as they have realised that they do not have enough players to compete in the League. This reduces Division 3 to five teams playing each other twice for a total of eight matches each.


9 August 2014

Added a new Forms page to the About tab on the navigation menu. This contains links to a Word document and an online form which can be used for submitting match results.


6 August 2014

Dates of the blitz events for 2014/15:

• Individual Blitz – Tuesday 16 September 2014, at GLCC.

• Team Blitz – Thursday 14 May 2015, at Pimlico.


2 August 2014

Clubs are requested to submit their team nominations for 2014/15 before they play any matches. Section 6 of the Operating Model sets out the details. Nominations have already been received from DHSS and Pimlico. These are shown on the relevant club pages.


27 July 2014

In preparation for the 2014/15 season, the club pages on the website have been updated to show the July 2014 ECF grades.